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I believe in modern design executed in unexpected ways. Using a range of materials, I create spaces that have both aesthetic purity and very real warmth. Whether working in a perfectly restored Victorian house, or a minimalist loft at the water's edge, I focus on form and function, style and livability.

Guided by client objectives and fueled by originality, I get to the essence of what a house or commercial space ought to be. Solving complex design issues and creating integrated solutions has earned me the trust of a diverse range of clients throughout the Northeast.



DESIGN I offer traditional design services. I also work directly with contractors, trades and crafts people throughout projects large and small.

SPECIALIZED PRODUCTION I design and fabricate brackets, shelving systems, railings, support systems and other components that are tailored to specific clients needs.

TRADE SHOW BOOTHS My trade show booths are simple, elegant and affordable, with a proven track record of strengthening brand identity and increasing sales.

CRAFTSMANSHIP I collaborate with a range of artisans who deliver affordable custom designs, executed with care and precision. I draw on the resources of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, home to machinists, furniture and cabinet makers, glass blowers and welders for generations. I have longstanding relationships with paint, plastics and fabric professionals. I am always interested in the challenge of new materials.

EXPERTISE I partner with architects, drafts people, engineers, and construction professionals in order to deliver a well researched, documented and officially approved product when necessary.

ABOUT ED HOGAN I developed my skills designing and operating small, hip retail venues for clothing and jewelry lines such as Joan Vass, Lisa Jenks, Margaret O’Leary, Three Dots and John Hardy. A favorite project was a store created specifically to sell Antique Japanese Kimonos. I designed and operated two stores retailing the Eileen Fisher clothing line and received a funded commission to create a prototype for a merchandising system specifically for her product.



The images in my portfolio represent the standard I aspire to and the world in which I work. The quality and ingenuity are not determined by the cost. Though you certainly will see the high end represented in many elements of my work, economy is also apparent and embraced through the use of common materials, my ability to employ “tricks” learned from many years of creating retail displays and a well-developed network of craftspeople, allowing hassle free, accessible, custom fabrication.